How To: Properly use "how much" & "how many" in Tagalog

Properly use "how much" & "how many" in Tagalog

As the Philippines is becoming more and more well known, so is the main dialect of this beautiful island country: Tagalog! Bud Brown, also known as MagicMaximo, takes you through the nuances of this not (yet) well-known language. In this video Bud explains the difference between "Magkano" (how much) and "Ilan" (how many), breaking down not only the Tagalog words themselves, but their English counterparts, what they mean, how they can be used in a sentence effectively, and in what instances it is appropriate to use the words. Never again make the mistake of asking your Filipino friends: "How many water do you have?" When learning a new language, most teachers don't explain the minor details between how much and how many, but Bud takes you in-depth and one-on-one !

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