How To: Say "I am about to..." in Vietnamese

Say "I am about to..." in Vietnamese

In this video, Bud Brown explains that it's useful to learn to say "I am about to (do something)" or "I just finished (doing something)" in another language. The Vietnamese word for "about to" is "sap" pronounced "sup". To say "I'm about to go out" in Vietnamese is "Toi sap di choi." "I'm about to eat" is "Toi sap di an com." To indicate that you just finished doing something, use the Vietnamese word "vua" pronounced "vuh". "I just finished eating" is "Toi vua an com." "I just finished working" would be "Toi vua lam viec." "I just finished studying Vietnamese" is "Toi vua hoc tieng viet." This is a good Vietnamese language lesson demonstrating the use of the word "sap" for the concept "about to do something" and "vua" for "just finished doing something."

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